Ear Wax: How Do You Know If You Have Ear Wax?

Ear Wax

One of the questions frequently asked is,”How do you know if you have wax in your ear?”   

There’s obviously really no way you yourself can obviously see inside your own head and we really do not advise you to go poking around your ears.  Remember the old adage, you shouldn’t put anything in your ears smaller than your elbow.  That would be tough to do!  So don’t go digging around in there, no bobby pins or hair clips or anything like that.   If there’s any concern or discomfort in the ears, you really need to have a professional look at it.  

Here at HearCare we use something called a Video Otoscope.  We can use the Video Otoscope to see inside the ear canal. We can look down the auditory pathway. We can see the eardrum which a bit like a kind of a pearly gray eyeball. We want to see a good healthy  looking eardrum, a sort of shiny blue color.  We can expand the view and even see one of the smallest bones in your body, the hammer bone.  This is all detail you would be unable to see at home.

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