Ear Wax: How Does an Audiologist Clean Ears?

We’re talking about how to clean an ear professionally. If you have an excessive amount of ear wax we recommend you don’t do anything at home to try to remove it.


One of the ways here at HearCare Audiology that we try to clean ears, the simplest and the cleanest way, is the use of suction.  That’s been used for a long time.


Regardless of how we clean there are two big factors that come into mind.  One is vision. We use surgical grade loupes which give a high degree of magnification.  They makes everything expand and


The second thing is having good light. When we clean an ear we really want to see what we’re working on and do it in very good vision.  Most professionals would use some kind of a speculum in the ear.  To really hold that against the patient’s ear, to be able to see what we’re doing.


Then we use little like a suction, almost like a vacuum made for your ear.  Most people can’t feel it.  It is a little bit noisy, because it is a
suction.  With good light and good vision get in the person’s ear and we’re able just to pull that wax out the ear.  T
hat’s usually the simplest method to clean wax from the ear.

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