Giving Back

Giving Back

HearCare Connection was founded by HearCare Audiology owner Nora Stewart. Together, with the help of the HearCare Audiology staff who courageously donated their own time, it was decided that enough was enough for the people in our area suffering economically who desperately needed and wanted to hear, but could not afford to. With cutbacks in programs like Medicaid–even those with some benefits found those benefits getting cutback and harder to access as providers in the area stopped accepting the program.

HearCare Connection is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization committed to enhancing positive communication. For more information about Hearcare Connection, please visit their website at You can be a part of HearCare Connection’s mission by donating financially, donating hearing aids, and volunteering for events!


Your financial support of HearCare Connection enables them to reach further as we continue to provide access to affordable hearing healthcare. Within the last four years, they have been able to welcome over 250 individual patients into the clinic and screen over 1000 individuals and children.


Your donation of a hearing device for our overseas trips allows us to take the Gift of Hearing to people who typically would have no access to hearing health care. Your contribution helps us make an impact in families and communities by providing them with quality audiology care and great hearing aids!


There are several ways that you can help us complete our work in providing hearing to low income children and adults in Northeast Indiana and beyond. You can volunteer, donate used hearing aids, become a Legacy Partner, or simply come out for a great time to any of our annual events!

International Missions

Our team at HearCare Audiology has partnered with Entheos Audiology Cooperative and nonprofits to provide the Gift of Hearing to amazing people all over the world…
– and the Holy Land

Visit to learn more about our hearing mission trips and how you can be a part!