Hearing Test: Middle Ear Testing

We’re talking about the procedures involved in a hearing test. We talked about the three parts of the year the outer, the middle, and the inner. We want to talk about the middle ear space right now.

The middle ear starts with your eardrum. Most of us have heard about the eardrum. As sound flows through to the ear drum, the eardrum acts like the sail on a sailboat. There’s movement because of the pressure. There are also some bones attached to that eardrum and so the bones are moving in unison with the eardrum.

So you’ve got some mechanical energy in this portion. We’ve got ways to be able to test those mechanics. A couple of ways that we do that is through some tuning fork tests. We do a series of tests where we have you hear sound near your head, and also directly through your cranium or your skull. As most of us know, you can hear sound through vibration. It tells us a lot of information about that part of the ear when we use sound through vibration, like putting a tuning fork against your head.


We also have a machine is called tympanometer. Again, we’re testing the movements of some of these mechanics, as we present pressure inside the ear.

So again, our first two steps are to make sure that visibly the ear looks good, and then mechanically the ear is working the way it was intended.

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