Our Story

More than 15 years ago, Ken and Nora Stewart decided to follow the song that had been playing in their hearts for many years. Just as they dreamed on only their second date, the two high school sweethearts decided to open their own audiology practice with a mission of always putting people first.

As with any small business starting out, they knew the odds were against them, that they may struggle. However, they were inspired and fortified by the fact that… Faith can move mountains!”

Taking that leap of faith, pushing that mountain inch by inch, they moved from their native Ohio to Fort Wayne to open HearCare Audiology. Today that mountain is but a molehill, and a firmly established HearCare Audiology has become an integral part of the Fort Wayne community.

Every day Ken and Nora are able to give The Gift of Hearing, either at their main office in Fort Wayne or at one of their five satellite locations. Ken and Nora, along with their staff of the area’s leading professionals not only remember but live their mission statement of,

“Adding Value to People by Engineering Meaningful Connections!”

With these words always in mind, Ken and Nora continue to serve their community, provide value far beyond any monetary investment for their patients, and start each day ready and open to whatever path is laid before them.

When you call HearCare Audiology you will hear, “It’s a great day at HearCare, how may we help you?”

Rest assured that regardless of what’s happening with the weather, or in the world around us, it truly is a great day at HearCare Audiology!

Our Values


We believe that all people are valuable, and that everyone deserves our kindness and respect.


We believe in helping our patients maximize their hearing potential so they can give back and maximize their personal potential.

Excellent Products

We believe in the products we carry, and the integrity of the manufacturers whom we choose to be providers

Service & Expertise

We believe that because we use only high quality products, that we must provide an even higher level of service and expertise for our patients.

Competence & Compasion

We believe that competence and compassion are the essential means of sustaining our values in a competitive marketplace.

Cultivating Relationships

We believe our work is stimulated by relationships: between coworkers, our patients, physicians, suppliers, owners, and the community; and that it is the cultivation of these relationships which sustains us.

Strong Foundation

We believe different people bring different gifts and perspectives to our team, and in creating a strong team that is founded by a variety of gifts. We believe that our company can be financially successful while behaving in a socially responsible and environmentally sensitive manner.


We believe in the principles of “The Go-Giver,“ which means that we focus on giving rather than getting by putting others’ interests first and in continually adding value to their lives, which ultimately leads to unexpected returns.


5933 East State Blvd.
Fort Wayne, Indiana 46815
(260)485-1231 or (800)552-2333
Open Monday thru Friday, 9am to 5pm.


401 Sawyer Road
Kendallville, Indiana 46755
Inside the Parkview Noble Hospital
(260)485-1231 or (800)552-2333
Open Monday thru Friday, 9am to 5pm.


2003 Stults Road, Ste 220
Huntington, Indiana 46750
Inside the Parkview Hospital Office Building
(260)485-1231 or (800)552-2333
Call for hours


7980 West Jefferson Blvd
Fort Wayne, Indiana 46804
(260)485-1231 or (800)552-2333
Call for hours


815 High Street, Suite A
Decatur, Indiana 46733
Next to the old Adams Memorial Hospital
(260)485-1231 or (800)552-2333
Call for hours

2201 East Street
North Manchester, Indiana 46962
Inside Timbercrest Retirement Community
(260)485-1231 or (800)552-2333
Call for hours

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